How to Activate iMessage on iPhone 4

How to Activate iMessage on iPhone 4
Messages make you to easily and quickly chat on iMessage or SMS/MMS; you just need to set it up.

iMessage allows you to receive and send, style multimedia messages (MMS) and text messages (SMS), just as a phone would do. Instead of using a phone number, it makes use of your email address. It only works on Apple devices like iPod touches, iPads, iPhones and Macs. Before the start of using messages, sending photos, texts, videos, locations, contact cards and voice memos, you have to set it up.

When you use iCloud to set your iPhone 4, it is likely iMessage is set already and ready for use. If not, you will see how to start and get messaging, fast.

Difference between an iMessage and a Text Message

   o To get an answer to this, we need to look at a standard text message. When a person sends a text message, it is typed on the phone and sent by hitting the send button. At this point, the phone data service provider sends the message with the use of their network, to the recipient.

   o The text message can be charged, depending on your plan for the cell phone. Sending off some few text messages might not seem important, though a teenager’s texting appetite can make charges to grow quickly.

   o When sending a text message to an Apple ID user, the app for messages automatically notices that user’s Apple ID and sends the message to the server of Apple and not the phone carrier.

   o This occurs automatically and prevents any texting charges that the cell phone carrier would have made.

   o When the iPhone is not a WiFi network connected, it will still make the use of cellular data to send iMessages.

   o Due to iMessages being sent by the use of a Wi-Fi network, an iPad, Mac Computer or iPod touch, which does not have an acellular data connection, can be used.

   o Some visual indications are provided by the messaging app to show whether the message will be a regular text one or an iMessage.

Steps for Activating iMessage on iPhone 4

   o Check on the iPhone app to see if your number is listed or not. The number should be shown on the top of the contacts. When it is not in the list, use this method. Go to “Settings”, “phone”, and then “my number”. Insert your number here.

   o Check the date and time setting, to see if it is showing the correct information. If it is not, you need to tap on the “set automatically” section.

   o Ensure you have a great WiFi network as the WiFi problem can sometimes affect iMessage activation.

   o To make iMessage active on your iPhone 4, go to “Settings”, “Message” and then toggle on iMessage. Time is consumed before it can be verified and activated. It turns green after activation.

   o Please note, when verifying, you might be charged the price of an SMS.

How to Solve Waiting to Activate Error for iMessage

At times because of some technical issues or errors, iMessage might not get activated on you iPhone 4. Do not worry as you can fix the problem by taking the troubleshooting steps here below.

Use of Airplane Mode

• Go “Settings” click on “messages” then switch off “iMessage option”.

• You will need to switch on, the airplane mode of which WiFi connection will be automatically turned off.

• Thereafter, turn the WiFi connection on.

• Go back to “messages” and simply click on the iMessage option.

• Your Apple ID will promote you. If you had not yet added it.
• Then go to “settings” and put off your airplane mode.

• A notification will come to your iPhone which says your carrier might charge for SMS. Tap on the OK key.

• If it does not work, simply go again to “settings” and click on messages. Turn on and off iMessage.

• Your iMessage will be activated in a little while.

• You will see number grayed out and email ID. Your number will then be verified and it will be it.

By Apple ID Use

• Go to “settings” and scroll down onto “messages”. Click on to “send and receive choice.

• Tap to view the Apple ID. Next tap on to “sign out application”.

• Then switch off the iMessage.

• You need to put in your Apple ID information and activate iMessage.

If the above steps do not work, you can reset your iPhone or contact your carrier.

Adding Multiple Email Addresses onto iMessage on iPhone 4

Incase you have a number of other email addresses that you would like to link to iMessage, like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Me/iCloud/Mac accounts, they can be easily set up.

o Start the “Settings app” on your home screen.

o Swipe up so as to “scroll down” on the menu.

o Tap on “messages”

o Click “Send and Receive”

o Go to “Add another email” which is located in the icon of “you can be got by iMessage at”, area.

o Put in the email you would like to add and tap on “Return” on your keyboard.

You will get an email looking for confirmation of your access to the registered email account. When you confirm, you are ready to start using iMessage from the new addition of email address.

How to On or Off Read Receipts in iMessage

The read receipts allow your contact to know whether or not you have checked on their iMessages. Although some persons can consider read receipts to be creepy, others do find them necessary for business and work situations.

o Start the “Settings” on your iPhone4.
o Tap “message”
o Then turn “read receipts” with on or off according to your preference.

Steps to Put on Message Previews Off or On for iPhone 4

On default, iOS shows an iMessage short preview, on the lock and home screen. If you prefer your notification to be the sender’s name only, you can simply make adjustments to the messages app settings to do so.

o Start “Settings” on your iPhone 4.
o Click on “Notifications”
o Tap “Messages”
o Click on the “show previews” button to switch it off.

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