EaseUS Backup Software for PC, Workstation & Server

My desktop system suffered a system crash just last week. After spending almost an entire day with the re-installation and that’s when I decided enough is enough and I need to do research on free backup software. That’s when I stumbled upon a really good and free backup software called EaseUS Todo Backup Free. I never really recommended products all my life, but I must say that this free backup software is indeed very good that I’m lost for words to show my appreciation for making my life so much easier.

It is a very reliable NAS backup software and system disaster recovery software for the typical home user. With my rather limited knowledge of computers, it is indeed useful and allows for just one click to back up my system and being able to restore it to the original state when disaster strikes and it also performs a comprehensive differential/incremental backup to save time and avoid troubles. 

easeus backup
With so many options available, it puts the power right into your hands. You have System Backup which is full system protection that allows you to easily back up and recover your entire operating system when disaster happens. 

This includes anything from a power failure, virus attack or Windows unable to boot. Then you have Disk Imaging which is a block-level disk imaging that quickly and efficiently backs up your entire collection of disks which makes it perfect as a NAS backup software. 

File backup is a file-level backup that allows you to selectively back up only certain files, folders or file types which includes network shared files, another important feature for your choice of NAS backup software. Another important feature is the Outlook Email Backup which allows you to backup all your emails in Microsoft Outlook from 2003 all the way to the latest 2013 and save them in a safe way; so all your data and attachments are safe. With that in mind, it allows me to do migration and cloning that is fast, easy and safe. 

I recently upgraded to a Solid State Drive, I really find it very fast and easy to migrate and clone my entire Windows to the new drive within minutes and able to boot and utilize the new SSD as my primary drive very quickly. EaseUS Todo Backup Free supports all versions of Windows, from the latest Windows 8 all the way back to Windows XP.

The free backup software is available for a free limited time only. All you need to do is enter your particulars and your email, and then the download link will be delivered to your inbox. You should find that the software is really good and powerful, then you can make your purchase which costs only $29 USD for 1 PC, $44.95 USD for 2 PC or $49.95 for 3 PC. 

It really is a no-brainer for you to make the purchase for 3 PC and share among those in your home and spare you the headache.  

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