Facebook marketing tools: How to use Facebook for business in 2024

Studies show that there are about 2.9 active users of Facebook, and then every month, the number of users keeps increasing. Wouldn't it be great if you chose Facebook to market your product and service? You can even use this platform to create awareness about your brand.
Facebook Marketing
Facebook allows you to reach millions of people within a minimum time frame. It helps your brand to grow quickly if you are activity is optimized properly. You can even take guidance from special tools and software to automate your processes. It is important to understand all the functions and features of Facebook to gain maximum advantage.

Marketers can select a different option on Facebook to market their products or services. You can consider the following options for your business:

• Various Facebook Groups 
Marketplace and Facebook Shop 
• Business Pages 
• Facebook Ads

You can use the above option as a single or in the form of a group, but initially, you are required to define your goals. 

Advantages of using the Facebook Business page:

You can utilize a Facebook Page you build for your business to perform the following things:

Facebook Business Page
Provide your contact details:

People could go to your Facebook Page to find out the hours when your phone line or storefront is open. If you operate a physical location, they'll additionally ask for your address, or if you provide services remotely, for your helpline email. A Facebook Business Page serves as a central hub for compiling all of this data.

Engage both recent and devoted customers:

Even your most devoted consumers are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes at your company unless you consistently share illuminating social media posts with them. Posting images from inside your storefront or from backstage with your support staff on your Facebook Page is a terrific idea. By informing followers of new products and promotions, you may also increase client engagement.

Be aware of the crowd:

You may see audience data and demographics if you have a Facebook business page. You can target your campaigns more effectively and use the data offered to develop a strong demographic marketing strategy.

Reduce marketing expenses:

Additionally, many other Facebook marketing and analytics capabilities are either free or reasonably priced. Starting a Facebook Business Page is also free. A Facebook Business Page can help you access a potentially billion-strong audience with less spending by being incorporated into your marketing strategy.

Increasing web traffic:

You can even enhance traffic to your website by placing a link to it on your Facebook business page. The more visitors you attract, the more likely they will read thorough descriptions of your goods and services. Even better, if you have an online store, customers who visit your website via your Facebook Business Page might make a purchase.

Increase SEO:

In addition to this you can increase social media presence, Facebook Business Pages can help you rank better in search engine results. 

Facebook Ads and Boosted posts:

The organic audience takes a lot of time, and if you want q quit results, then you should consider Facebook Ads and boosted posts. Try paid advertising solutions like boosted posts or Facebook advertisements if you're having trouble reaching users organically. Posts that you publish on your Facebook Page and then pay a fee to "boost" to a specific audience are known as "boosted posts." Facebook advertising, on the other hand, provides additional functionality and placement options.
Facebook Ads
You may target a certain audience with ease with Facebook advertisements and promoted posts. Target fans of your page or create niche markets based on their geography, age, gender, and hobbies. The platform gathers user data, which allows it to target your advertisement to people who are most likely to be interested in your good or service.

Should you use Facebook advertisements or boosted posts?

Both Facebook advertisements and promoted posts can be useful components of your marketing plan.

Types of Facebook Advertisements:

You can select from four different ad formats on Facebook.

Picture Ads:

Static picture advertising is the best way to increase website traffic.

The title shouldn't be longer than 40 characters, and they need to be in JPG or PNG format. Since the main message can only be 125 characters long, they work best for direct and short calls to action (CTAs).

Videos format Ads:

You can advertise a product, highlight client endorsements, or strengthen your brand via video commercials. Facebook video posts have an amazing engagement rate of 6.09 percent overall, but if your video is of low quality or has a muddled topic, you risk losing viewers.

Facebook video ads
Carousel Ads:

People can scroll through a variety of photos in carousel ads to view the same product from several perspectives.

Carousel advertisements aren't the best for presenting various products or listings, such as properties in real estate marketing, even though this is wonderful for e-commerce.

Ads for Collection

Image collections are excellent for showcasing the products in your e-commerce business, but they are not well suited for delivering extensive information because, like image advertising, you are only allowed a 125-character primary message and a 125-character header.

Your campaign aim will influence the ad type you select significantly. An image, for instance, is excellent for illustrating a visually captivating CTA, but videos are helpful for capturing audiences' attention.

Facebook Ads don't have a predetermined price either. The price of the advertisement relies on how much you're ready to spend to acquire the position you want because you bid on ad slots across the marketplace.

Following are some advantages of promoted posts:

Basic strategy:

The simplest method of Facebook advertising is through promoted posts. You decide on your target market, your spending limit, and the duration of your campaign. Your campaign's target audience will see the post in their News Feed once it has been authorized.

Internet marketing Boosted posts still qualify as advertising even though there are fewer personalization possibilities, and your billing statement will list them as such.

Brand awareness:

Boosted articles are a great method to create a strong online presence, increase brand recognition, and attract comments and shares.

The key characteristics of conventional Facebook ads are these:

Customization possibilities:

Facebook ads offer additional potential for customization.

Supporting resources:

Using the full Advertising Manager platform, you may develop Facebook ads.

Creative sharing:

You can share the advertisement on Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Messenger in addition to selecting the ad's placement, which includes the side of the News Feed.

Greater control:

You design the advertisement, manage it, and decide on goals like lead generation and conversion tracking. Additionally, you acquire improved targeting abilities.

Suggestions on how to use Facebook ads:

We'll concentrate on maximizing the performance of your Facebook advertising since boosted posts are simple and have fewer options. Many of these recommendations, however, also apply to promoted content.

Establish objectives for your advertisements:

Ads work best when you have a certain goal in mind. A specific goal will make it easier for you to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising and determine whether your marketing plan needs to be adjusted. For instance, some businesses seek to draw consumers in with advertisements, while others want them to click on links or view information.

Facebook describes two popular ad types-dynamic and lead-to aid businesses in achieving their objectives. Dynamic advertising re-targets users who have demonstrated interest in your website and promote pertinent products from your product catalog to them. Lead advertisements offer readers a simple method to find the information they need.

Decide on your audience and the setting:

You must specify the reach of the adverts in order to target the proper demographic. Facebook gives you the option to modify your audience based on location, demographics, hobbies, behavior, and relationships.

Your local marketing strategy might benefit from location by focusing on local consumers who could be more interested in your goods or services than those in other states or countries. You can select your target audience's age range, gender, and work title using demographic data.

To further limit your audience, use the connections, behavior, and interests criteria.

Decide on a budget:

As was already mentioned, Facebook's ad management tool is called Ads Manager. You can buy advertisements for Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network, which displays Facebook ads in applications from other publishers.
ads budget
You must first develop an ad before submitting it to Facebook's ad auction in order to purchase one. You can control the criteria used to distribute your advertisement, including your budget, through the ad auction. You are required to decide how much you want to spend each day and over the long run.

You must establish a "bid" in Facebook's ad auction, which is the most money you will spend if someone views or interacts with your advertisement.

Write persuasive ad copy:

Everything in marketing ultimately boils down to how well-written your material is, and Facebook ads are no exception. Whatever sort of advertisement you decide to run, the material you produce must speak directly to your ideal client and compel them to pay attention to you. You must be very clear about who you are targeting and what you want them to do in order to accomplish this effectively.

The main written elements of your advertisement are as follows:

Start with the headline, then. Avoid stuffing it with a dry list of features or obvious marketing speak. Instead, make it engaging and conversational. When creating your ad, the field labeled as the headline is effectively the first sentence above the image; if you want people to keep reading instead of scrolling through, it needs to be as perfect as the first line in your favorite book.

Use the description field to address any potential objections. Without the user clicking to read more, this text will be clearly displayed beneath the image. When people are scrolling by and see that your offer is totally free or comes with a money-back guarantee, they may pause and think twice.

Even if the offer is the same, keep in mind that the copy you create will probably need to be modified for various target segments. Additionally, it's crucial to test many combinations to find the most successful one.

Utilize pictures and video:

If you want Facebook users to read your content, then you need a unique eye candy. This could be a carefully chosen image that visually communicates your offer or brand, or it could be a compelling video.

If you are going to use stock photos, make sure they are of a high caliber and relate to the advertising copy. Regarding the number of words that can be used in an image for an advertisement, Facebook has a number of text and image guidelines.

In many cases, choosing a video for your Facebook advertising will increase its effectiveness. People enjoy watching videos online, and with the proliferation of user-friendly video-editing tools, editing videos has never been simpler.

Make advertising for Messenger:

It's the perfect time to join the bandwagon because messenger advertisements are still in their Wild West marketing stage. The best part about Messenger advertising is that they are sent right to users' Messenger apps, where they can be found among messages from their friends, coworkers, and family. Due in large part to the fact that not many companies make use of this platform, it is a small environment that nonetheless feels extremely personal.

When designing ad experiences for Messenger, it's critical to keep this sense of intimacy top of mind. You should use a chat-bot provider to create comprehensive campaigns if you want to accomplish this successfully. Through this procedure, you can pose a query to your subscribers or provide them with a useful offer. Then you can design an automated experience that advances them farther down the sales funnel while coming across as more like a friend giving them advice as opposed to a sales pitch.

Become familiar with the Facebook advertising basics:

In the past few years, Facebook ad-targeting specificity has advanced significantly. There were a few hit-or-miss methods for making Facebook ads in the beginning. Facebook now gives you the option to select the kind of advertising campaign you wish to conduct, along with specific goals and tailored audiences.

By carefully budgeting your money by day and ad, you can run many variations of the same advertising to see which is more effective while limiting the amount you spend.

The reason it sounds complicated is that it is. It's critical to take your time and educate yourself on the essentials of correctly establishing your campaign. Beautiful writing and captivating images are no longer sufficient.

Understanding how Facebook advertisements operate is beneficial, but if you lack time to keep up with them and their updates, get assistance from a marketer who is knowledgeable about them.

Best Practice to ensure ultimate success:

• Quick response to messages and quires
• Rely on Analytics
• Schedule your posts in advance
• Take help from other tools
• Set your Budget goal
• Define your target audience
• Create authentic brand awareness

Best Facebook Marketing Tools:

Following are some tools that you need to consider related to optimize your marketing activities on Facebook:

ᐳ MobileMonkey
ᐳ Sendinblue
ᐳ LikeAlyzer
ᐳ Headline Analyzer
ᐳ Heyo
ᐳ Buffer


Marketing on Facebook Messenger has the potential to significantly increase user engagement. For effective Facebook marketing, use MobileMonkey as a terrific tool. You may use it to create a list of Messenger subscribers, communicate with your audience through broadcasts and drip campaigns, and automatically reply to comments left on your Facebook posts.
Additionally, MobileMonkey provides complete support for sponsored and Click-to-Messenger advertisements on Facebook Messenger, pre-built chatbot templates, robust chatbot analytics capabilities, and a robust chatbot builder.

Their in-depth guide on chatbots and Facebook Messenger marketing gives detailed instructions on how to get started. Additionally, web chat and SMS marketing capabilities are provided by this chat marketing platform.


You may more effectively build and manage your Facebook marketing campaigns with the aid of Sendinblue. More individuals can be reached by using ads that are well produced and have strong calls to action (CTA). With the help of this interesting marketing tool, you may instantly retarget a certain contact list. A detailed contact list can also be used to identify new prospects who are comparable to your top clients.

Sendinblue will automatically optimize the daily spending once you've chosen your ad parameters to provide you with the greatest results. To assist you in evaluating the success of your campaign, they offer thorough reports. This Facebook marketing tool is accessible for free. Their monthly minimum for paid plans is $25.


The Meltwater-powered LikeAlyzer offers a thorough evaluation of the effectiveness of your Facebook page along with incredibly actionable suggestions for how to increase brand engagement. You can access the exam without providing any personal information, unlike many other free tools. Your page's URL will be instantly generated in a matter of seconds after you enter it.
The report is simple to use and offers insightful information on what is and isn't effective for your Facebook account. As you can see, we publish at least once every day, but we could generate far more interaction with our postings if we diversified the material, posted at various times of the day, and engaged with our audience more. These small changes might have a significant effect on how we function!

Additionally, LikeAlyzer compares your page to those of "Similar Brands" so you can see how well your competitors are managing their Facebook presence.

Headline Analyzer:

Marketers are aware that a post's performance can be determined by its headline. It would be stupid not to use the same eye-catching, captivating headlines that we laboriously craft for blog posts and ad text for Facebook shares! It can be difficult to forecast which headlines will resonate with your audience, but Coschedule's Headline Analyzer can help.

Once you come up with a some ideas for headlines, enter them into this tool. A comprehensive evaluation of your headline's structure, character count, sentiment, and examples of how it can appear in email subject lines and ad copy will be provided along with a final score. The link offered in each component of this tool that offers advice, examples, and case studies may be its most useful feature.

This Facebook tool is for you if wordsmithing is not your strong suit. You will learn all you require to write headlines that rival the finest content marketers!


Heyo is an advanced-level Facebook marketing tool that can aid in increasing your lead generation. You can use it to build Facebook sweepstakes, competitions, and hashtag campaigns.

 Some of its amazing features are mentioned below:

 Run social contests on websites or on Facebook

 Control and manage hashtag campaigns

 Contests with a moderate number of entrants

 Run interactive campaigns with polling, tests, and other features


A widely used social media management platform is buffer. You can use it to schedule and publish posts on Facebook and other social media. Both small and large businesses prefer its user-friendly UI. It has a browser plugin for finding material for distribution that works well with Chrome, WordPress, and other programmers. Additionally, it offers metrics and insights on the reach, likes, and mentions of Facebook postings.


Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms and got maximum popularity in all the regions. You can take leverage from every single opportunity provided by Facebook. If you are new to business world, give it a shot on Facebook. It offers you all the features and options that enable you to market your product or services. You are required to optimize your processes and schedule your posts. There are many software and tools that you can use to run successful companies on Facebook.

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