How to Get Chegg Answers for Free 2024 - 2025

It doesn’t matter how good you are in studies and what subjects you are studying, it’s always difficult for a student to get things done on time. If you are a student in a college then probably academic is not the things you are concerned about. There are so many things going on in your life that can steal away your time of the study. Apart from studying your course, you get lots of assignments, homework and what not that can make you go crazy. Spending your precious time working on those assignments can really piss you off.

Chegg answers
Thanks to technology making assignments and working on projects are much easier now. There are websites that help students to get their work done and save time. Chegg is one of those sites that are very popular among students. When it comes to looking for answers, this site helps thousands of students after the Textsheet down.

Chegg is one of the leading websites that help students around the work to complete their homework within minutes with the help of experts, it gained popularity after textshett not working. It is an American education technology company based in Santa Clara, California, with over three million subscribers. This site offers a number of services to the students who are seeking for help such as online tutoring, physical textbooks, digital textbooks etc. It doesn’t matter what type of question you want to ask. Put your question here and get the best possible answer of it within minutes. You can copy them in your notebook. Many people ask that free chegg account username and password 2019 too.

Now coming to the main point is that Chegg is not free and if you want to take help from the tutors of Chegg, you have to pay. They have numbers of subscription plans and you can choose from it according to your needs and budget. Now you must be thinking that why you will pay for them? It’s because they supply really amazing and premium services. You will get answers to all your questions here. Also, many students are confused as they want to know the ways to how to see chegg answers free.

How to get Chegg answers for free?

The most asked question is how to get chegg answers for free? Good news for all the students who want to get the Chegg answers for free. Yes, there are ways from which you can get free Chegg accounts and doesn’t have to pay a single penny of yours to get your work done within minutes. Without wasting much time let me share some of the amazing tips through which you can get the Chegg answers for free and will also share you the ways how to unlock chegg for free.

Chegg Free trial

Chegg offers 4 weeks free trial to all the people to explore and understand Chegg better. Now you have 28 days to get Chegg answers for free and it’s up to you how you are going to use it. Getting free Chegg account Reddit is something everyone wants and I must say you should give it a try for sure. During this period, you can ask questions from the tutors without spending a penny. Just ask your queries, note it down and go for it. Secondly, if you want to rent a textbook or note from Chegg during this free trial period than I am so sorry but you have to pay for it. They only offer this service to their premium members. Getting answers for free is more than enough I think and I feel like you should try it! Thanks, me later.

Search your Questions through your search Engine

The second method you can try if you are confused to how to unlock chegg for free is out just types your question on your Google search engine on your web browser and get the answers. Doesn’t it sound cool and easy? It really works and most of the times I get my answers like this. Its also for those who don’t know how to see answers on chegg. I just realized that Google makes our life too easy! If you are typing a similar question that has been previously typed, there’s a high chance of you getting an answer. It is one of my favourite ways to complete my assignments and homework. It saves your precious time…

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Use Chegg Alternatives

There are numbers of sites such as Slader, Studylibs, Sparknotes, Paperhelp etc that can be used as an alternative of Chegg, if you have any problem to get free chegg account. These sites can really help you to get Chegg answers free. If you are using these sites you get Chegg answers for free. Yes, many free sites out there can help students like us to get a Chegg answers for free. These sites are 100% safe and secure to use. Also, you don’t need to spend a single penny here. Using these sites, you can get answers to any subjects such as Science, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Business, Social Science, History, Geography, English, Humanity, etc. Some of the alternatives of Chegg are down now, still I will give you some of them from where you can get your answers.


Slader is one of the best alternative of Chegg from where you can get your work done free of cost. Also, they offer excellent service and never disappoint its users. If you are using this website there are high chances that you will get the answer to your question. You can get chegg textbook solutions here.


It’s such a huge library from there you can get a plethora of information. Apart from the answers they also avail books too. If you are a book lover and looking for a site to get amazing books, try this out!


I would highly recommend this site to every student who is looking for a Chegg Alternative. Their service is just awesome they base their services in a Q&A format.


An absolutely free website that offers pretty good notes and can really help you to get your homework and assignment done for free. Yes, it's true. You can use this website as a Chegg alternative.

These are some of the websites that can be used as alternatives of Chegg. You can get chegg answers free and can do your assignment work here without spending your precious money.

These are some of the best ways to get a Chegg answers free, now let’s move forward.

Confusions about getting Chegg free trial

I have seen many people getting confused about how to unlock Chegg for free or open free chegg account. Many people don’t know that they can get free chegg account for 28 days. Yes, you can get chegg textbook solutions or chegg answers free here . Off course they don’t offer all their service for free during this period like you are not allowed to rent or buy their notes or textbook. Also, for some questions, you will ask, they will ask you to become a member first. But here you can get very helpful access to documents, answers and its tutors. So never feel bad to take free service from this amazing website that can help you to complete your work or to understand the topics within few minutes.

Now, if you have no idea about using free service provided by Chegg then read further. You have to fill your details to enjoy amazing free services that chegg offers. You have to fill up the email details and then create a password. You can directly sign up through your Facebook and Google too. After that, you have to select an option they will give you. It’s whether you are a student or parent. If you are a student then click on it and then select an option whether you are a High School student or College student. Then you have to fill the name of your college or university. It’s okay if your college or university name is not listed here.

You can just select My University is not selected as an option. Select your year in School then you are all ready to set up an account on Chegg. Click on create an account. Now, you may get confused as it will ask about your payment detail. Don’t worry, they are asking for these details for security purpose. You can fill up all the details and then use it for free for the next 28 days. Just keep one thing in your mind, you have to cancel the subscription before the 29th day otherwise Chegg will automatically charge the fee at the end of your trial. So what are you waiting for, click on the website and create an account for free. Fill up your details and then delete it within days if you don’t want to pay for it. Also, if you want to use it then it’s your choice. It’s a great website and you can invest your money to get their service if you want too. It’s all up to you!

How to get Chegg Answers at Cheaper Rate?

Many students ended up subscribing for Chegg account and they actually spend all their money just to get the answers of few questions.Also, many people don’t know how to use chegg for free. If you are one of those students looking for safe ways to get Chegg answers at a cheaper price then I have some amazing news for you. Yes, you can get Chegg answers at a cheaper price and I am going to tell you how. You must have an account on a social media platform, of course, every one of us have it these days. If you don’t have it then make one, social media platforms are not only for chatting and posting pictures and videos. It depends on you that how you are using them. Anyway moving forward, all you need to do here is to go to your social networking page (it can be Facebook, Reddit or Quora) and join communities related to Chegg. You have to send a request there to join these communities. There you can find people who already have the subscription in Chegg. These are the people who already have an account in Chegg. You can ask them for the answers you want and then in return just pay them some amount of money.

Secondly, you can also look for free Chegg accounts username and password on Google but, we can’t guarantee that you will get an account with this way but, it’s still good to give a try.

Get Chegg Answers through Creative Savants

Creative savants provide many services to its customers such as free Chegg Answers, Free course hero unlock and more for free. It is the source which offers a complete package within a single platform where you may get every type of academic assistance, with the help of expert writers, editors and professionals. What they actually do is they already have a legal Chegg account and they can provide you free answers through e-mails. All you have to do here is fill the required fields they ask and you have to share the links to unblur the answers they provide and then they will provide you with the answers or assignments through the e-mail only. Fill your detail such as your name and email address correctly. You don’t have to pay for the subscription here. Sometimes they ask you to pay for certain services other than that it’s totally free.

There’s more benefit of using their service. They don’t only offer the answers, homework or assignment work from Chegg but also from other websites too.

How to cancel Chegg membership?

There is lots of confusion about cancelling the Chegg membership as people somehow subscribe it and doesn’t know how to cancel chegg membership. Many students get confused when it comes to cancelling the Chegg membership. If you are also facing the same problem then this will help you. Read the following steps and get to know how to cancel chegg study.

Log in into your Chegg account.

At the top right corner of the page, there’s an icon named ‘My account’ of orange colour. Click it.

Now you will see the option as Change or Cancel Membership. To cancel the membership you have to click on the option Cancel Membership.

Now you have to select the ‘Pay As You Go’ plan and then the option will come as ‘Save Changes’. Click on it.

Now the next step to do here is to click on 'unsubscribe anyway’.

They will ask on you the reason for cancellation. Select a reason for cancellation and then click ‘Submit’.

Your subscription is cancelled now.

You can also click on  to cancel your Chegg subscription.

Hopefully, this will help you to understand everything about Chegg and about free chegg account username and password 2019. It is a wonderful website for students who are seeking for help from tutors. I have also mentioned some best ways to get free Chegg answers to help you to get your work done without spending a penny! Now you must have answer of how to see chegg answers for free.