Textsheet down Reddit: Best replacement for Textsheet (2024 Update)

If you are a student or a teacher then there’s no way you are not aware of this amazing site (textsheet alternative reddit). Textsheet was the most loved and demanded site that didn’t only help students but also many scholars. It was the top rated and student’s most favourite site because of the amazing service it offered. Do you remember how Textsheet made your homework, assignments, college projects and other academics stuff easy? It offers all the solutions of assignments, college products and questions without charging a single penny.

Websites like Textsheet
But unfortunately, Textsheet not working anymore and it leaves all its users disappointed. Yes, textsheet down and now many students lost the access to get free answers from text sheet.com. Actually textsheet got completely banned from the internet due to the DMCA copyrights violation. Chegg itself claimed that Textsheet.com were using their answers. So yes, if you are thinking that is textsheet down or why it is not working then let me tell you clearly that Textsheet.com is permanently down and you can’t access this website ever. 

Don’t be too disappointed as there are sites like Textsheet that can really do their best. Textsheet replacement sites are there, from which you can easily access the answers and assignment work for free.

Textsheet.com was a wonderful website and helped many students as well as teachers to complete their work within few minutes and that is the reason it became favourite of everyone. So, here I will tell you about websites like Textsheet which can be used after textsheet not working.


The next textsheet alternative reddit in my list is Slader. Many of you must have already been aware of this wonderful website because of the services it provides. It is one of the best alternatives to textsheet but what make it more amazing is that it’s totally free. Another thing that can make this site as a best alternative to textsheet is that they keep updating their website on a regular basis that means you will be able to get all the improved and updated services and stuff regularly. So, if you are very serious about your academics then this site is only for you.

Another thing about this website is that you can also use its app version for quick access. The app is available for iOS and android smart phones. Making use of the website is straightforwardly easy; all you have to do is simply run a search by either providing the textbook name or use the 13 digits ISBN to find the solution from a specific book. When you find the solution you were looking for then type in the page number and tap on Go. This site gives the solutions in details so that there’s no doubt left when it comes to the topic. Almost all subjects are covered here, that is why many students love it more than any textsheet alternative reddit.


Chegg is one of the leading websites (websites like textsheet) that help students around the work to complete their home work within minutes with the help of experts. It is an American education technology company based in Santa Clara, California, with over three million subscribers. This site offers number of services to the students who are seeking for help such as online tutoring, physical textbooks, digital textbooks etc. It doesn’t matter what type of question you want to ask. Put your question here and get the best possible answer of it within minutes. You can copy them on your notebook. 

Chegg is not free and if you want to get the answers or assignment solutions then you have to pay to them. But it’s possible to get free chegg account reddit, and if you are also confused as how to unlock chegg for free then I will share some of the ways through which you can get the answer of how to see chegg answers free. 

• Chegg offers 4 weeks free trial to all the people to explore, so you can use these 4 weeks to get the chegg answers for free.

• You can also simply put your question in your daily use search engine, there’s a high possibility that you will get the answers from chegg.

But for doing that you have to fill up your all information here including your debit or credit card and before those 28 days, if you want to cancel the subscription or doesn’t want to pay for it then cancel the chegg subscription. Now after we are done with how to unlock chegg for free? Many students get confused of how to cancel chegg study? It’s very simple. Follow the steps mentioned below to alternative (textsheet alternative reddit) to textsheet cancel chegg subscription.

• Log in into your chegg account
• Click on a option given at top ‘My account’
• Select the option as Change or Cancel Membership.
• Select the ‘Pay As You Go’ plan and then option will come as ‘Save Changes’.
• Now click on ‘Unsubscribe anyway’ a reason for cancellation and then click ‘Submit’


There is no doubt that Textsheet.com was one of the best websites that offers plethora of academic resources, but crazyforstudy is no joke. It provides access to more than 50 million books and offers detailed solutions to your questions. As the name of the sites like textsheet  suggests, this website is for the people who are crazy for study.

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This website was not only established to help the students but also the educators around the world. Crazyforstudy is one of the most demanded platforms in current times because of its premium services. It has a easy to use interface that makes it more attractive.

This textsheet replacement will provide you everything from solutions of your assignments to the notes and more. You will be able to get answers of all your questions of all major subjects such as Physics, chemistry, biology, accountings, mathematics, geography, English etc. And if you are residing in Australia (as it is an Australian based website) then you can borrow the books from there too.



Another leading website that is as best as text sheet.com (textsheet alternative reddit) is Course Hero. It is one of the most used websites that serves millions of students. It grants you access to more than 20 Million study resources that are course-specific. One of the best things about this website is that it can offer you free service to the students who shares their notes there in the website. Most of the data or other academic resources on this website is submitted the students community and other individuals of around the world. If you want to get their free services then you have to upload academics notes or resources too. But, if you won’t then you have to pay for their services. Of course, premium members of this website enjoy some additional benefits like you can get the answers directly from the tutors. 

Also, you can get the solutions of all important subjects like economics, accounts, history, biology, chemistry, civics, geography, physics, literature and much more. They also let you practice there for viva and exams. They offer services for 24/7. So yes, whenever you have time open your device, login and start working. You can also get personalized coaching from the expert, means you can take tuitions directly from the specialized teacher. 

There’s also an app for both ios and android. So you can always access to this sites like textsheet within few seconds. 


CoursEra is another alternative to textsheet (textsheet alternative reddit) from where you can easily get the answers for your questions. Coursera was founded in 2012 by two Stanford computer science professors with a vision to provide anyone, anywhere with access to the world’s best education. Coursera has more than 40 Million active learners with over 3600 courses. It is one of the best website out there that can be used as a textsheet replacement because of its huge database and user-friendly interface. 

This amazing website is more than a content sharing platform as it provides online Degrees with options over 14 courses. You can also use their app, doesn’t matter you are an android user or an iOS user. It is considered as one of the best textsheet replacement. Just try it out.


When it comes to the studying from an online platform, students want to choose the best one and Sparknotes is one of them. After textsheet down, many students shifts on this platform because it offers very useful notes, guides etc. Almost all the subjects are available on this platform such as Mathematics, geography, physics, chemistry, biology etc. They doesn’t avail the notes in details but gave the summary, so that you can understand the concept easily and quickly. The brief answers available on this website (websites like textsheet) make everything easy for the students who are struggling to understand the concept. Also, you can take the quiz here to check your preparations. One of the best feature of this website is that they offer books material for various competitive exams. 

For easy accessability, you can also download the app of sparknotes on your andoroid as well as iOS phone. If you are looking for notes on literature than this website is for you. Go on.


Another alternative to textsheet used by millions of students globally is quizlet. This website (sites like textsheet) offers the services to more that 100 countries and millions of students, teachers and parents use it for all good reasons. It is the best website to complete assignments of various subjects such as mathematics, arts, humanities, geography, English etc.

Apart from assignments, quizlet offers best possible notes that are easy to understand. The only limit of this website is that it charges from its viewers. Yes, if you want to use the amazing services provided by this website then you have to pay for it. 



One of the most used website as an alternative to textsheet cancel chegg, StudyLib is a go to website that offers best quality notes to the students. It has a huge database, so that you can get anything here you want to within few minutes. It doesn’t matter you are a teacher or student, StudyLib has notes for everyone. If you are also looking for websites like textsheet, try this one. Like many other textsheet alternative, the majority of the content in this website is also submitted by the students and educators of around the world. It allows students to submit their notes on assignments and various solutions so that anyone can take help from it, if you also want to share your answers here then go on… 

It doesn’t has a user friendly interface that makes this site a little unattractive because many people find it difficult to use this website and prefer other textsheet alternative reddit. But if you want some quality notes then go for it. Studylib also offers a tool for grammar and spell checker that you can make use of for honing your skills.


One of the best textsheet replacement (textsheet alternative reddit) is one stop for everyone looking any kind of solutions or answers or what not. This website literally help with all kind of academics stuff such as assignments work, essays, report, reviews, articles, case studies etc. Using this particular website is very easy and trust me anyone can use this because of its user friendly interface that is designed to help the students. People who are looking to get some helps for essays can go for this site, its highly recommendable for them. 

Paperhelp is a legal website and is a best alternative to textsheet because its reliable and safe to use. They don’t offer all their services for free of cost, so if you want to use all their services you have to pay some amount. Also, it doesn’t provide you an answer just like textsheet but can write things like essays, reports etc for you. What’s make this site more demanding is that if you don’t like their service, they will return your money. Many students, teachers and people in other professions use this website. It also helps many students doing a PhD. 

You can save lots of time by using this website as paperhelp made the life of thousands of people easier and comfortable. They offer service for 24 hours, so you can use it whenever you want. It doesn’t matter what level of education you are on, this site is always there to help you. Just give it a try! 

Here’s the link https://www.paperhelp.org/how-it-works.html click on it and enjoy!!

Textsheet is not working anymore. Thus, many students feels anxious and furious to complete their work, assignments etc. Here I have listed some amazing sites like textsheet, so you can choose one of it to get help from the experts out there. Hopefully, this list will help you to get the right alternative to textsheet. If you want to add more of websites like textsheet, do so.